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Data Privacy and Data Protection International Data Privacy Compliance- GDPR, CCPA, UK DPA GDPR (DPA 2018), PECR – We advise & deliver - so your organization gets it right  
  • New data privacy laws in the global space are forcing companies to have an adequate mechanism in place for ensuring compliance. Noncompliance is a stimulus for penalties and fines.
  • Any business has a certain amount of consumer data (meaning personal data). The laws surrounding personal data are extremely strict in the EU and certain other countries. There is no option other than to comply with data privacy/security laws to ensure the business remains in good standing with regulatory authorities.
  • Penalties may be imposed even when there is no breach occurred; this happens due to companies evading certain regulations.
  • Remember, any claims or litigation, or fines related to data privacy only leads to loss of trust, goodwill, reputation, market leadership, among others.
What Dataologie Offers to you for ensuring Data Privacy Compliance?
  • Consultancy/Advice: We provide consultancy and advice for designing a suitable and unique privacy compliance framework for you. Additionally, at all times we will provide advice on optimizing and enhancing the said framework to enable you to remain compliant with emerging laws.
  • Project Management- We will provide end-to-end project management services including recommending and implementing a complete roadmap for data collection, processing, and disposal.
  • Breach Response Assistance- Under GDPR, a prompt data notification is a mandate and a data controller has to notify a data breach no later than 72 hours after having become aware of it. We help to manage this process from commencement through end through mechanisms such as preparing and refining breach response strategies.
  • Data Audit Management- We will help you analyze the movement of data across your organization (including internal departments, affiliates, outside entities) to ensure that there is no loss or misappropriation thereof.
  • Policy, Procedures, and Training- Policies are a backbone for any company and can be an adequate defense in case of any breach incident or litigation. We help you develop appropriate and adequate policies, procedures, and training modules targeted at the right audience. Further, we will help you modify such materials at regular intervals to keep abreast of changing laws. Our training materials are truly world-class and offer a comprehensive overview of appropriate data privacy requirements to all your staff to enable them to obtain a significant perspective of their role vis-a-vis the legal requirements.
  • Technical safeguards evaluations/Privacy Gap Assessment- We help to assess if your technical and administrative controls are appropriate as mandated by laws, identify any gaps or risks, build data inventory, and suggest and implement as necessary per your choice and budget necessary risk mitigation measures including any action plans to overcome any deficiencies
Why Dataologie?  
  • Dataologie has a team of dedicated and expert security practitioners who can support your process from commencement through the end.
  • Our experience lies in devising a security environment based on your unique requirements and founded on comprehensive risk assessments.
  • Dataologie team has a comprehensive understanding of data privacy laws across the globe that relates to how data breach notification should be handled.
  • Our consultants have a deep and solid understanding of various data security and data loss prevention techniques and well versed with the regulatory landscape and procedures related to a data breach
  • management under various laws such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), UK DPA GDPR (DPA 2018), Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), and others.
  • Our varied team has expertise in handling multifaceted assignments of clients under diverse industries such as aviation, manufacturing, retail, banking, eCommerce, and others. Our global consultants with their profound knowledge are exceptionally competent in handling any data security and privacy projects to ensure compliance.
  • We offer multiple and customized options suitable to your exclusive requests thereby helping your internal resources to cater to other assignments.
  • Our flexible and transformative approach will always help you to achieve sustained compliance with low costs and a quick turnaround.
  • We help you implement best industry practices across your organization.
  • Our comprehensive and rapid breach incident services will help you in minimizing threats and ensuring that the entity recovers from the incident.
  • Our security consultants have immense experience in managing hundreds of incidents and helping organizations to get back to business quickly. We intend to build a partnership model with customers by providing them a delightful yet effective service.
Companies utilizing Dataologie services Companies that use the Dataologie services aim to avoid any data loss and act swiftly in case of any data breach incidents. The single primary motto of our customers is to eliminate any kind of security incidents and we are proud that we are helping the customers to realize their objective.