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EU and UK representation - DataOlogie | Data Management | Data Privacy
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Designated GDPR representative in the UK and in the EU and EEA Companies without a UK or EU presence and offer goods and services to, or monitor, individuals within the UK or EU representation must appoint a GDPR representative in a member state. The EU representative's role is to ensure that the organisation complies with the GDPR by facilitating communication with individuals and data protection authorities in the EEA. DataOlogie Privacy Solutions, provide this service acting on clients’ behalf in the EEA, guiding clients' approach to GDPR compliance when necessary and helping them maintain their records of processing activities as required by the GDPR. Additionally and separately from data protection and privacy officers, companies and organisations, that are outside of the UK and EEA, are required under the GDPR, to designate a representative, in the UK, EU, if they process personal data of EU residents and don’t maintain an establishment (place of business, or incorporated company, branch office, etc) within the UK or EU. With this requirement, the EU and the UK, increase the chances for data protection authorities to reach sanction foreign companies.    
We will The Designated Representative can be an legal entity and has a largely passive role. The representative, DataOlogie Privacy Solutions, will be identified in the company’s privacy notice and can be addressed by supervisory and regulatory authorities and data subjects. To that end, we have unrivalled contact points spanning every EEA country and the UK. The main active role is to maintain the organisation’s record of processing activities and out DataOlogists will work with your organisation and get this done for you. We deliver these services from our offices in Dublin, Ireland, Amsterdam and in London and we’re growing fast across EU. Our service is delivered in the EU by DataOlogie Global Limited, a limited company incorporated in Ireland, which will serve as your EU representative, in compliance with Article 27 of the EU GDPR. In the UK, this service is delivered by DataOlogie Limited, a limited company incorporated in the UK
  • Act as a local point of contact for data subjects and supervisory authorities on all matters relating to the processing of personal data;
  • Manage you record of your processing activities in accordance with Article 30 of the EU GDPR and, on request, make the record available to relevant supervisory authorities, when necessary;
  • Facilitate communications between your organisation and data subjects;
  • Co-operate with supervisory authorities on your behalf where required.
Your GDPR representative for non-EU businesses The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires many companies that do not have offices, branches, or other establishments in the UK/EU, but process the personal information of individuals within the UK/EU to appoint a representative. Basically, UK/EU representatives liaise locally with individuals and national data protection authorities on behalf of data controllers or data processors with regard to their obligations under the GDPR. Furthermore, they maintain your records of processing activities (ROPA) and make these records available to supervisory authorities upon request. Please note: Appointing an UK/EU Representative alone does not ensure GDPR compliance. Your company still remains the controller or processor and must therefore comply with further obligations under the GDPR.