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Data Protection Officer

Under the GDPR, you must appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) if you carry out certain types of data processing activities or you are a public authority. The DPO informs, trains and advises your organization and employees on data protection obligations, provides advice on data protection impact assessments, monitors compliance with data protection law, acts as a point of contact for data subjects and supervisory authorities, and must be able to report to the highest level of management.

Unlike, other companies, who claim to offer DPO service, they fall short in being a true outsourced DPO service. Unlike other companies, where you must pay a fixed monthly fee, or an annual fee, with DataOlogie, you will only pay by the hour, for the service that you actually use. According to the GDPR, organizations must designate a data protection officer if they conduct regular and systematic monitoring of data subjects on a large scale or if one of their core activities is the processing of particularly sensitive information, such as personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, sexual orientation, or health. Exceptions do apply to companies with less than 10 employees and that don’t process sensitive data.
Qualification requirements Qualification requirements Must be knowledgeable or trained regarding data protection legislation, IT, and the company’s operations. No conflicts of interests (which typically rules out appointing business owners, senior managers, and employees with interest)
External vs Internal External vs Internal We’ll give help you choose. You don’t necessarily need an external DPO. You can choose an internal candidate.
Internal candidate Internal candidate External candidate
All relevant Company information remains confidential. Opening systems and procedures to someone on the outside. It will take time for them to get up to speed and won’t necessarily understand how your business works.
Opening systems and procedures to someone on the outside. It will take time for them to get up to speed and won’t necessarily understand how your business works. More familiar with internal processes, practices, and problems and has better access to people within the company to address security and privacy concerns. May have better Industry Experience and experience than internal employees
Might not have access to keep up to date with the latest developments. Specialist services and up to date with the latest developments in data protection law, IT, and Privacy Tech.
Can be more expensive for the company. Can control costs with hourly service billing, or annual service billing.
Impact on current role and responsibilities by taking on the DPO role. Impact on current role and responsibilities by taking on the DPO role. Dedicated only to solving the company’s data privacy risks and issues.
A DPO is responsible for monitoring the company’s compliance with applicable data protection law. This means they must be fully informed of the risks and issues and also undertake periodic audits and risk assessments. Some DPO providers, who lack the appropriate knowledge and who only want to rip off their clients, offer various tiered packages that exclude this basic requirement, which means your organization will fail to complain. Which means that your company will not be covered. Our Data Protection Officer DPO service includes:
  • Expert advice whenever you need it
  • Advice, assurance, and guidance on Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Regular data protection Audit and Risk Assessments
  • Co-operation with the ICO on behalf of the organization
  • Ongoing monitoring of compliance to data protection laws relevant to the industry
  • We help you by identifying any other laws and regulations that may apply to your business (you won’t generally get this level of expertise, from other firms. Because they only focused on privacy, we are Data Privacy and data management experts we are DataOlogists).
  • Record of processing activities.
  • Data privacy risk and issue register for the organization
  • Recommendations for actions required to fulfill data subjects' rights
  • Management of data protection impact assessments
  • Recommendations on revised compliance policies and processes
  • Information security risk and issues review and recommendations.
If you choose to appoint DataOlogie Privacy Solutions as your external DPO, we’ll provide an experienced data protection specialist who will act as your point of contact. Our DPO services offer full access to the know-how and expertise of our data protection experts.  
Supporting your compliance After learning more about your data processing activities, we will actively monitor and support your compliance with the GDPR and other data protection regulatory requirements. We will be accessible to individuals, as well as supervisory authorities. We will:


  • Set up regular, proactive catch-up meetings with you and your key stakeholders to discuss the new data protection initiatives and answer any questions your business functions may have, and any queries or  complaints from individuals or supervisory authorities
  • Schedule periodic reviews with your staff's privacy.


  • Handle queries from individuals or supervisory authorities
  • Respond to specific requests for advice
  • Conduct data protection impact assessments
  • Assist in your response to data breaches and other incidents.


  • Perform reviews of your departments to assess any changes to their level of compliance.


  • Run training sessions, to be delivered in person or online.


  • Deliver an annual report to your senior management team confirming the work we have undertaken and detailing any change in your level of compliance.

Benefits of outsourcing the DPO function

The DPO is required to carry out tasks that draw on a wide skillset, including legal expertise, an understanding of information technology, cybersecurity, business, and project management. In addition, your DPO should have proven experience in data protection-related issues. Outsourcing your DPO function enables your organization to rely on a team that utilizes this skill set. The DPO must also be able to act independently, which means that they cannot hold a position within the organization that would lead him or her to determine the purposes and the means of the processing of personal data. This can be difficult to implement internally since most of your suitable internal resources might also be involved in the decision-making about personal data processing. Outsourcing the DPO function can help you successfully fulfill these requirements.

A unified view of compliance

Our online DPO Dashboard is a comprehensive ‘one-stop shop’ for instructing, reporting, and more. This collaborative platform provides complete oversight of ongoing advice, DPIAs, and DPO contact requests. It also offers complete transparency on DPO service management, as well as year-on-year reporting and statistics. Our Data Protection Officer services service of our DataOlogie Privacy Solutions is provided from Dour offices in Dublin and Amsterdam for coverage across the EU and EEA by DataOlogie Global Limited and in the UK by DataOlogie Limited.