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DPIA Data Protection Impact Assessment - DataOlogie | When Data Matters | Data Protection | Data Management
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Does an organization need a DPIA?
  • Our DPIA Services aims at:
    • describing the nature, scope, context, and purposes of the processing;
    • assessing the necessity, proportionality, and compliance measures adopted;
    • identify and assess risks to individuals; and
    • identifying any additional measures to mitigate the identified risks.
  • Consulting- We offer practical workshops in online or onsite mode utilizing sophisticated technologies to generate customized privacy reports based on the entity's unique requirements. Training is an important element of our consultancy services enabling awareness among the organization’s staff.
  • Assessment- Our seasoned experts will conduct an onsite assessment based on the description of your processing activities, operations vis-a-vis privacy risks, and taking into consideration any third-party partner involvement. We conduct multiple activities such as defining the scope/target of assessment, collecting data about the target, and risk assessment. The assessment can be conducted for any existing data processing activities or any future operations in scope. The assessment will involve interacting with key authorities in the organization who are involved in the processing activities.
  • Recommendations -We assist inappropriately classifying the identified risks as per the risk severity and impact. We provide suggestions around appropriate risk control practices with proven safeguard mechanisms based on factual evidence and assessment that can result in the roll-out of a risk-based approach towards data privacy across the organization setup.
  • Coordination with regulatory authorities- It is possible that a high risk identified cannot be mitigated. In such situations, we will help you consult with Information Commissioner’s Office UK for necessary consulting before the commencement of processing.
  • Training- Staff training is an essential element of DPIA. We will help you create suitable training modules and provide training to your staff to enable them to understand the need for DPIA. We will also assist in updating and improving your policies, processes, and procedures to include references to DPIA requirements.
  • Navigating through the DPIAs is a monumental task surmounted by numerous challenges, intricacies, and difficulties. DATAOLOGIE has experienced personnel to take on this complex assignment thereby helping the organization to focus on its core activities i.e., to fulfill the needs of customers.
  • Our experts are always proactive and innovative, and we believe in continuously enhancing our methodologies to keep pace with changing trends.
  • Our DPIA services are designed to provide your business with suitable expert advice all through your data processing regime.
  • Our philosophy is to offer multiple and customized options suitable to an entity's unique needs.
  • Our flexible approach can help you in achieving sustained DPIA compliance without any hassles with no or less strain on your resources.
  • We help you implement the best industry control mechanisms across your organization.

Companies who use DATAOLOGIE services

We provide DPIA support to companies who aim to consider the risks related to any intended processing to comply with their data protection obligations. Above all, the organizations using our services are always aiming to identify and control any GDPR data privacy compliance risks and incorporate "data protection by design and by default" into the landscape of their personal data processing.